I used to think the tech industry was reserved for hardcore computer nerds who despise humans. Ok, maaaybe there’s still a few of them out there, but I’m not here to bash us digital geeks. We’ve all got our passions, right? Who would have guessed my passion for creativity and love of humans would lead me to user experience design? People are my passion and I’m forever curious about how we think. I love building things and watching a person enjoy them. Ideation paired with empathy and my genuine love of humans is what brought me to the field of UX and I have been practicing it ever since.
I research and design meaningful experiences that bridge the digital-physical divide, tackle wicked design problems, and advocate and evangelize user experience at the intersection of research, strategy, and user-centered design. Sometimes my work combines quantitative and qualitative research methods, other times I focus on facilitating meaningful experiences. In the end, all paths lead back to tackling complex challenges that meet human and organizational needs.
As a researcher and strategist by nature and a designer by training, I make sense of complexity by learning from people, patterns, behaviors, and systems across differences and disciplines. Then I turn data into actionable insights that can be shared and communicated in and across organizations.
I am a UX Researcher, problem-solver, community-builder, and storyteller.